• For the smart men

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For the smart men

Experienced quality


Each Boxer Shorts® is not a simple underwear item; it is a concept, a way of life.
Considered modern essentials for the smart men at fair prices, without traditional markups.


Direct to Consumer

Boxer Shorts® uses direct to consumer concept where there are no intermediaries from production to end customer. This allows the brand to have 100% control over the quality of all the services provided, drastically reducing the fixed costs and, consequently, the final price. In this way it is possible to reduce the margin, achieving a competitive advantage over the other brands in the market.

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Made in Portugal

We are defenders of the rights of the worker and for this very reason, we want to guarantee that all the work done for the brand is duly rewarded, without any type of exploitation.

Boxer Shorts are designed in Barcelona and produced in Portugal by professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

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"The perfect gift, one click away"

"It seems a minor issue, but it is decisive for the way we feel in everyday life. Underwear can make us confident and bold or, on the other hand, shy and insecure. Hence, although most of the time walking covered by other items of clothing, it should be seen as a bigger issue."

Maria João Lima for Marketeer • May, 2019

"Boxer Shorts is distinguished by the high quality, comfort and choice of premium fabrics that only luxury brands can offer."

Mood Magazine • April, 2019

"They are wide and “cool”. They are fresh and of unmatched quality, 100% cotton. Boxer Shorts is the Portuguese premium brand that has the ideal boxers for any man."

Carla Ribeiro for MUST • June, 2019

"This Portuguese student and entrepreneur based in Barcelona combines work with his own entrepreneurial venture: The Boxer Shorts. This proves anything is achievable with passion and hard work"

EAE Business Shool • February, 2019